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{{Infobox D&D character
{{Infobox D&D character
| image      = [[File:big bro 2.jpg|{width}250|]]
| image      = [[File:Big_bro_2.jpg|{width}250|]]
| caption    = '''''I know it seems odd, but I consulted with all the voices in my head and indeed the spell requires that I both be naked <i>and</i> that I burn the house down.  '''''
| caption    = '''''I know it seems odd, but I consulted with all the voices in my head and indeed the spell requires that I both be naked <i>and</i> that I burn the house down.  '''''
| name        = <span style="font-size:175%">'''Val'''</span>
| name        = <span style="font-size:175%">'''Val'''</span>

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File:Big bro 2.jpg
I know it seems odd, but I consulted with all the voices in my head and indeed the spell requires that I both be naked and that I burn the house down.
Homeland Dale, The Cornucopia, Southlands
Gender Male (mostly)
Race Human + ?
Class Sorcerer
Age 50
Title Master sorcerer & Triumvir of the Very High Council
Alias Valandil (Val)

Valantino "Val/andil" O'Dale, Master Sorcerer and Triumvir of the Very High Council of the New Dale. Val was born to a farming coven in the rich farmlands of The Cornucopia in the Southlands. Val took after his witch of a mother while his younger brother, Rocco was far more suited to the life of a farmer due to his enormous size, strength and a seemingly preternatural talent to grow things. Val on the other hand, his powerful mind and uncanny ability to unravel bits of reality (and start fires from naught) noted even as a toddler, was sent to wizarding school (The Ecoloe Anormal Surnaturel in the Southlands capital of Hawkwind). Five years older than his "little"" brother the near-giant Rocco the Rotten, it is often easily overlooked that Val himself is over 6' tall and has trained extensively in a variety of martial arts and esoteric mind/body disciplines on his journey to master magics both arcane and divine.

While Val was away studying, tragedy struck his coven's farm. His brother, still a teenager, embarked on a path of vengeance that ultimately lead Rocco to Val in Hawkwind Rocco was shattered over both what had happened to their family and troubled by a darkness within him previously unknown and now unleashed during as a result of this bloody period. Val having all but finished his studies at this time turned down an opportunity to work in the court of a minor nobleman back in the Cornucopia (Rocco could not bear to go back) and instead Val and his brother founded The Company company with a an exiled dwarf (Dudley) who had been teaching engineering at Val's school.


The original D&D character created ca. 1979, "Valandil (The Green)" was a quintessential Magic User and as a young player I was infatuated with fireballs (spell, scrolls, what have you). It was simply the coolest damn thing to an ten-year-old, skinny, geeky kids who could defend himself worth a damn a damn, to be able to shoot explosive balls of fire at those who might wish you harm. I believe the name came from the same source several names in our campaign came from: randomly flipping through some sort of Encyclopedia of Middle Earth we had and then tweaking the name slightly.

The original characters of Rocco and "Valandil" were not brothers. I think in our loose backstory for the characters, Valandil and Rocco grew up together in the same village or some such thing and Val was bullied for being a bookwormish type (we were 10 and, well, nerds, remember); big lug and hero that Rocco was destined to be, he stood up for the weird kid who read scrolls all day long.

As for "The Green", I believe that I was curious as to what the colors of all the wizards were in The Lord of The rings were and if there was a hierarchy involved. We somehow came to the decision that indeed the colors were a hierarchy and a young wizard was a "green" wizard.


Warning: Character background information and major events in their lives are presented here in the order such information is revealed in the novel. Reading ahead here can lead to Spoilers!!!

CHARACTER first appears in Misfits on the Borderlands in Book I:Prologue, "What the fuck is an Owlbear?"

Book I


He shits his pants.

Chapter 1

He holds the low end and thinks the new girl is very pretty.

Family History

(Very Spoilery)

Mother: Phillipa O'Dale
Father: Dr. Agony
Sister: Sofia O'Dale
Brother: Rocco "The Rotten O'Dale

When Val first left his Ecole he adopted the name "Valandil" (A corruption of "Valantino O'Dale") as they began their travels and while "Val"to friends, the name of Valandil, the sorcerer from under the shadows of Killington, is more renown than Val cares to admit.


General Info

Race: Humans
Height/Weight: 6,1" 188lbs
Age (Chapter 1): 50 (Human Appearance: 30s - magic! (and healthy living))
Born: Seaday, 28.Sunobril 29AF
Died: Not yet.

Gaming Info

Character Record Sheets Coming S.....omeday!

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