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Not my original Image!
Image is an amazing cosplay/CGI idea for Traxex, a Drow Ranger from WoW's Defender of the Ancients 2
I'm still trying to find the original designers/model for permissions.

Homeland Isle Clew
Gender Female
Race Elfkin (1/4 Drow)
Age 72

Princess Willhelmina "Badass Billy" Kaiserslautern, also Lady Killington & Mistress of its Keep. A Drow elfkin (her mother is half-Drow, her father human), Billy's history is rather complicated and in truth by the time she joins the Company her own adventures would make several interesting books. Billy is the last to join the Company, less than a year before the events which take place in the Prologue of Book I. By the time of the events in Chapter 1 (16 years later after the prologue) she and Rocco have married.


The original D&D character created ca. 1979, "Billy the Bad" was a human, male thief (all the original Misfits characters were male which I think tells a little bit what 10 year old boys thought the world of gaming looked like in 1979).

The original Billy was not part-Drow but was the "darkest" character of the bunch and the one most "not like the others". When playing D&D early on, I played multiple characters simultaneously (primarily because my DM and I didn't know anyone else who played at the time). Because Billy was the only "neutral" character in the party (our company was a bunch of do-gooders) sometimes the DM would take over Billy as an NPC and so could set up unique situations:

"We stay and fight the orcs."
"Yeah, well most of you do but Billy takes off down a corridor leaving you guys behind."
"Why would he do that?!"
"At the moment, you have no idea."

The original Billy was also very back-stabby with daggers. You won't see much of that from Billy in the novel. That sort of fare is more Sammy's thing.


Warning: Character background information and major events in their lives are presented here in the order such information is revealed in the novel. Reading ahead here can lead to Spoilers!!!

Billy first appears in Misfits on the Borderlands in Book I: Prologue, "What the fuck is an Owl Bear?"

Book I


Billy was the last of the Misfits to join the Company less than a year before the events that take place in the Prologue. An Internal Monologue between Val and his Imaginary Sibling Vox, it is revealed that there is some sort of romantic complication between Rocco and Billy. Her Drow heritage has given her great skills and abilities, including strength and dexterity far superior to any human and most elfkin. But since Drow are generally feared she has been feared and rejected much of her life and has reason to always be looking over her shoulder.

Chapter 1

Now married to Rocco and holding the title Lady Killington and Mistress of its Keep, Billy has also bought a tavern and is the Guild Master of Killington Keep's Thieve's Guild. While interrogating a journeyman Rogue we learn a bit more about her seafaring parents. The mortality of her aging father, as well as her husband, are painful reminders that her near-immortal blood is as problematic as it is powerful.

Family History

(Very Spoilery)

Mother: Grace Om Allez
Husband: Rocco "The Rotten" O'Dale

She has a very piratey backstory. Also, a trained assassin for the religious order, the Sisters of Mercy.


General Info

Race: Half-elf (Drow)
Height/Weight: 5'10" / 148lbs
Age (Chapter 1): 72 (Human Appearance: Late teens)
Born: Ringday, 2.Arboj Lev 7 AF
Died: Potentially Immortal

Gaming Info

Character Record Sheets Coming S.....omeday!