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No half-Orc is born from an act of love or even some sort of horribly misplaced honor. We are born of hate and violence – and our lives are filled with the same.
Homeland The Spine of the World, Toridil
Gender Male
Race Half-Orc
Class Barbarian
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Age 31
Title Quartermaster
Alias Tor

Sator "Tor" Rotas, born to the chief of a small Orc tribe living in the foothills of the Spine of the world. His human mother was a part of the chief’s harem. Tor’s mother had offered her life in exchange for the Broken Bone Clan to leave her village in peace.

After escaping the Caves where he was raised, Tor found that the docks and seedy side of towns were far more accepting of his questionable heritage. Tor became a stevedore, occasional merchant sailor and body guard. Tor is a happy drunk and in fact since that's almost the only time he's ever happy he makes sure to stay this way as often as possible. Despite his gregarious if vulgar drunken persona, most people were afraid of him. Look at him. He's hideous. The few that weren’t afraid of him often made a point of telling him so and starting a fight to prove it. Most of them lost. But every rare once in a while Tor lost and made something akin to a friend. One of these losses was to a wiry half-Elf who looked in his forties but had at least a century, maybe two under his belt. Tor was almost a foot taller than the black and silver haired pirate and had at least 100lbs on him too. Tor through one punch and found himself in a choke hold and passing out almost as fast as if a sleep spell had been cast upon him (one had). Indeed, this was how Tor met Captain Robbin Givbak, an atypical pirate and smuggler. Captain Robin would eventually convince Tor to turn Pirate and introduced Tor to the Elven God of the Sea, Deep Shashelas (Chaotic Good), furthering Tor's journey away from the dark even as he and the crew of Captain’s Robin ship, The Fulcrum, worked in the shadows and black markets of the Sword Coast. After several years of sailing on The Fulcrum with Captain Robin, Tor rose to the rank of ship’s Quartermaster.


Tor is a Half-Orc Barbarian created to play the 5e Starter Set, "The Lost Mines of Phandelver." Those games lead to a series of sort stories about Tor and his companion's adventures.


Warning: Character background information and major events in their lives are presented here in the order such information is revealed in the novel. Reading ahead here can lead to Spoilers!!!

Tor's Tall Tales Volume I: The Lost Mind of Fun Diver

Episode 1: Good Morning

Tor is hungover and confused. These will be reoccurring themes.

Episode 2: Later That Day

Tor tries to find a connection.

Episode 3: Killing Time

Tor wakes up on the wrong side of the spiked bed post. Becomes slightly more brain damaged.

Episode 4: Night of the Frogmonsters

Tor fights frogs ... and slavery.

Family History

(Very Spoilery) When Tor was 13 he found a way to escape the slavery of being a half-breed in his clan. But he could not free his mother as well and rather than let her continue to suffer as a slave, he killed her. She begged him to when he told her he was leaving. She didn't ask him to stay, and begged him to escape, to go, but not to do what she couldn't do for herself and end her life.

His escape was during his 13th birthday ritual (orc rite of passage to adulthood). He went out with his uncle's troop and if he proved himself a warrior he would be given equal status with his pureblood warrior clanmates. Unknown to him, the ritual raid was on his mother's hometown. Tor protested, reminding his uncle, one of his father’s most brutal lieutenants, that the Broken Bones had a pact with the village.

"Your mother's dead. So’s the pact." His uncle replied, somehow aware of what Tor had done before the ritual raid had commenced - the old pact now null and void in the Orcs' eyes.

During the raid of the village which Tor refused to participate in despite his uncle's insistence, his uncle eventually found and captured Tor's older half-sister still living in the village. She was the main reason his mother accepted the life she had. Tor's uncle insisted Tor kill his sister, who was pregnant, in order to prove his loyalty to the Orc tribe. Tor refused and instead attacked and killed his uncle as well as two of the troop. This was the first-time Tor had ever experienced the Barbarian’s Rage. The brutal manner in which he slayed his former clan members, particularly killing his uncle with his own blade and then claiming the family heirloom as his own, frightened the rest of the troop off. They fled back to the Caves to get reinforcements. As Tor helped the town evacuate, dozens of Orcs appeared and attacked. Although Tor escaped with his sister and her husband, she was severely injured in the attack and flight. She died while giving birth during the escape and so did her child. Tor's brother in law in a fit of madness blamed Tor for everything he'd lost, home, wife, child and attacked Tor, who, defending himself instinctively, unintentionally killed his brother-in-law with one blow.

Only 13-years old and having spent his entire life being bullied and even tortured, the only other family with whom he had hoped to someday reunite were all dead by his own hand; the only person who had never harmed him, his mother, also now dead by his own hand. Tor burned the wagon with the bodies of his sister, his stillborn niece and his brother in law and on that day walked away from both his Orcish and human families until one day he could face the chief of his tribe, his father, and have his revenge for his mother and sister.

Father: Rotas "Rot" Bonecrusher
Half Sister (human): XXXXXXX
Brother in law (human): XXXXXXX
Niece (human):XXXXXX

General Info

Race: Half-Orc
Height/Weight: 6' 2" 220lbs
Age (Chapter 1): 31 (Human Appearance: 40s - Orcs don't age well and neither do drunks)
Born: Alturiak 3
Died: Not yet.

Gaming Info

Character Record Sheets Coming S.....omeday!

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