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Ne pleure pas, tu n’es pas jolie quand tu pleures
Homeland Dale, The Cornucopia, Southlands
Gender Male
Race Human + ?
Class Warrior
Age 46
Title Lord of Mt. Killington, Master of its Keep & Protector of all who dwell under its shadow.
Alias Rocco the Rotten

Rocco "the Rotten" O'Dale, Lord of Mt. Killington, Master of its Keep, and Protector of all who dwell under its shadow. ("Lord Killington") Rocco was born to a farming coven in the rich farmlands of The Cornucopia in the Southlands. While his older brother Val was sent to wizarding school (The Ecoloe Anormal Surnaturel in the Southlands capital of Hawkwind), Rocco's enormous size (7'7" tall) and strength (he can generally match the strength of any Ox on is farm) along with his love of farming made him a natural to stay home with his family. With little formal training in combat, Rocco nevertheless embarked on a path of vengeance after tragedy struck his family when he was a teenager. He and his brother founded The Company company with a an exiled dwarf (Dudley) who had been teaching engineering at Val's school. By the time of the events in Chapter 1 (16 years later after the prologue) he and Billy have married.


The original D&D character created ca. 1979, "Rocco the Rotten" was physically much like the character portrayed in the novel. In first edition rules his strength was something like 18/90. And so we played that out by making him a near giant (although I don't recall we ever established a backstory for his freakish strength and size). He also had Psionic abilities but a low intelligence score. Though the Rocco in the novel is a tad brighter than the way Rocco was played in the game, I have nevertheless hobbled his psionic skills. In the novel, however, psionics runs in the family and his brother Val possesses great psychic skills and Val is the only person with whom Rocco has any psychic connection.

The original characters of Rocco and "Valandil" were not brothers. I think in our loose backstory for the characters, Valandil and Rocco grew up together in the same village or some such thing and Val was bullied for being a bookwormish type (we were 10 and, well, nerds, remember); big lug and hero that Rocco was destined to be, he stood up for the weird kid who read scrolls all day long.


Warning: Character background information and major events in their lives are presented here in the order such information is revealed in the novel. Reading ahead here can lead to Spoilers!!!
Rocco first appears in Misfits on the Borderlands in Book I:Prologue, "What the fuck is an Owlbear?"

Book I


In a battle that pushed a young Rocco to the brink, victory came with tremendous consequences. He and Billy may or may not be lovers. It's complicated.

Chapter 1

Rocco is sitting in a tavern when a stranger (Eartha) approaches him...

Family History

(Very Spoilery)

Mother: Phillipa O'Dale
Father: Dr. Agony
Brother: Valantino O'Dale (Val/andil)
Sister: Sofia O'Dale


General Info

Race: Human (plus a little something else. something big.)
Height/Weight: 7'7" / 420lbs
Age (Chapter 1): 46 (Human Appearance: 40s)
Born: Ringday, 23.Sunobril 34 AF
Died: Not yet.

Gaming Info

Character Record Sheets Coming S.....omeday!

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